Rahmel Dockery

Introducing YouTube, Instagram and Twitter sensation Rhamel Dockery (aka Dockery). Dockery social media presence has been a force to be reckoned with ever since he started steaming his Video Gameplay on YouTube while at the same time playing football at Oregon State University. You may have not been aware of Dockery’s growing stardom but if you pay attention to sports media you have seen his videos.

Former Oregon State Wide Receiver becomes a YouTube sensation.

When talking about sports videos going viral you must talk about Dockery’s ridiculous football catches that has been featured on social media sports highlight platforms like “HouseofHighlights” and “Barstool” on Instagram, which currently have a combined 26.5 million followers.

House of Highlights has made its name by posting videos that go viral on social media and it has become so successful at it that its founder Omar Raja has been offered a multimillion-dollar deal by ESPN (Marchand, 2019).

But back to Dockery…..

Dockery has made so much noise on social media for his viral football catches that it eventually led to a tryout with the Seattle Seahawks football team. Yes, Dockery was a collegiate football player and has shown he has skills but to be offered a tryout after not playing for multiple years, you must make significant waves on social media.

Dockery has even recently signed a contract with adidas to work on their social media and other campaigns. Dockery recently posted a YouTube video of his workout with NFL Superstar Odell Beckham Jr.

How does Rhamel make such a name for himself on social media that leads to opportunities that a youth could only dream of?

Does he have a talent that is one of a kind?

Or does he just know how to create viral worthy videos?

A recent study published by Harvard Business Review has stated that the two most important factors that make a video go viral are psychological motivation and social motivations (Matyszczyk, 2015).

So, what is the psychological motivation that gives Dockery’s videos its edge?

Well, obviously these football catches are very flashy, and some would say over the top. Some physical feats can be considered difficult but on film they do not seem to be, and Dockery understands that. Dockery puts moves together that are clearly look difficult and that is what gets the watcher excited.

Now let us talk about the social motivation. The social motivation is what convinces the viewer to share the video. Dockery has been very successful in going viral by getting the accounts shared earlier like house of highlights to post his videos. Large accounts like house of highlights have the viewing power of 15 million and most of the 15 million viewers are there specifically to see sports highlights, the video hits the mark. Instagram and twitter have been the biggest drivers of viral videos because the platform inherently collects groups of peo0le who are looking for the same content and then that content is delivered repeatedly. This is the reason most companies are moving towards social media marketing. The work has already been done by these large accounts and influencers of gathering a committed audience. Companies just need to plug and pay these accounts to influence their following.

Dockery’s story is what some now considered the millennial American Dream. I am excited to see where this goes, and I wish him the best with his journey.

What do you guys think?

  1. In many cases, some people have questioned if Rhamel is actually good at football or are these just party tricks. After watching some of his catches, do you automatically think he is an NFL caliber athlete?
  2. What would be your talent that you could possibly go viral with?
  3. Has the viral video become so much of a tool for companies and accounts that it has lost some of its authenticity?


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