Why Heavy Barrel?

Devon Kell: Founder, CEO & Head Coach for Heavy Barrel Systems

A Heavy Barrel System is a strength and conditioning training philosophy that employs strength and size as the equalizer among all sports. When referring to shooting a firearm, a Heavy Barrel is able to out-preform a thinner barrel, due to its rigidity and durability. This is the same principle I believe we should operate under as sports performance specialists. While under stress, a bigger / stronger athlete is able to perform at a higher standard for much longer than a smaller / weaker athlete. This durability and capacity for strength gives the Heavy Barrel athlete the capability of outputting more production (e.g. physicality, speed, precision) throughout a competition, where a smaller / weaker athlete will start to fade.

“Strength and Conditioning is a lot like shooting a rifle. You either hit the target or you didn’t, you either got stronger or you didn’t. The rest is noise.” ~ Clete McLeod

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